We are a private education and research company. Entrepreneurial thinking feeds into all our decisions. Efficient procedures are chosen to strengthen the international and innovative orientation of IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences.

A relationship at eye level

High-quality and sustainable further development results from respectful cooperation between students, teachers and researchers, employees and our partners. Our cooperation is characterised by professional qualifications, a high sense of responsibility and above-average commitment.

Academic understanding means freedom of research and teaching in compliance with all ethical and scientific standards. We are committed to pluralistic discussion and are free from political dogma.

Diversity in practice

As a family-friendly and inclusive university, we take into consideration the individual needs of our staff, students and teachers. Diversity is reflected in all dimensions. Therefore, we set our activities regardless of social or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious confession, world view, age or other personal characteristics.

We promote a culture of openness, trust and mutual respect. This framework allows us to learn, create and inspire.